Friday, December 9, 2011

[Holika Holika] Water March Moisture Full Cream *Green*

Today I received a brand-new face cream from [Holika Holika]. 
It's the Water March Moisture Full Cream!

You can get the cream for two skin types:
- Green (combination & oily skin)
- Pink (normal & dry skin)

Since I have combination/ oily skin I got the Green one.

Description: Moistfull & Poreless
This high capacity Moisturizing Cream gives moisture and vitality to dry and crumbly skin.
Green moisturizing constituents found in hot and dry Himalayas allow clear and moist skin without any dryness by giving sebum control and pore convergence functions.
The cream contains 120ml which will last for a long time. Usually face creams just got it's double of the amount!
It has a nice packaging in different shades of green. The cream comes in a (glass) jar with gold lid. It also includes a spatula!
The cream comes sealed and with the included spatula you can get the cream easily out. 
It's also more hygienic than using your fingers.
The product itself has a green gel-like consistency and a fresh scent. Inside the cream are white beads which begin to melt when you spread the cream over your face. 
My face feels super moisturized after applying! 
I used the cream just 1~2 times and didn't notice something with my pores yet. It also doesn't have a strong mattifying effect but that's ok for me.

I also got two samples of the Pink one. I wrote a short review below:
The Pink cream is for normal to dry skin and has the same design as the Green one just in different shades of pink. 
The cream itself is pink and has a soft & creamy consistency (not gel-like). 
I really like the fruity scent it has... like berries!
After I applied the cream my face felt so smooth!

Price (full size): around 22,- €/ US$28 
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)     

What I love:
The moisturizing feeling after applying + that it's specially made for oily skin (Green cream).

What I don’t like:
There is nothing I don't like!

Will I buy this again?
It will last for a long time...


  1. hi, is this consider as a moisturizer? last step of the skin routine?

  2. Hi! Yes, this gel-cream u use as last step. =)

  3. Any idea if this has SPF in it? Does not say on Ebay.

    1. I don't think this face creams got any SPF coz they didn't mention it on the product. =/