Thursday, December 8, 2011

[ETUDE HOUSE] Fresh Cherry Tint *Cherry Peach*

Another lip make-up I wanna review now is neither a Lipstick nor a Lip Gloss. It's a Lip Tint!!
The Fresh Cherry Tint from [ETUDE HOUSE].

Description: Tint promotes moist & shiny cherry lips with a creamy, smooth texture. 9.5g

This tint comes in 3 colors:
- Cherry Red
- Cherry Pink
- Cherry Peach

I don't like red lip colors and the pink looked too strong for me. So I took 03 Cherry Peach.
The box is pink with a cherry and fairy print. The lip tint comes in a plastic bottle with the same color as the tint itself.. in my case "peach"! The lid is in a shimmering white.
The applicator is really soft and makes it easy to apply the product. 
The tint has a light watery consistency and a fruity cherry scent. My lips feel moisturized, too!
But it feels weird when I go with my tongue over my lips after applying.
I applied the Fresh Cherry Tint around 2~3 times (pics above).
After wiping the tint from my hand there was still a pink tone left (pic below). 
Seems to be a bit waterproof huh?!

Price: around 7,- €/ US$9
Bought at: eBay (   

What I love:
The cherry scent + the moisturizing feeling. It's good for a natural look.

What I don’t like:
The taste and feeling when I go with my tongue over my lips.

Will I buy this again?
Hmm,,,maybe try other lip tints instead.

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