Saturday, December 24, 2011

[SKINFOOD] Choco Smoky *Lip Color & Volume Mascara*

I don't own a lot of make-up from Asian brands but recently I saw that [SKINFOOD] released some new products called Choco Smoky.
I love chocolate and that's why I purchased a Lip Gloss and Mascara from this product line.
I'm also interested in one of the Eyeshadow Palettes.
Since these items aren't big I will review both together...

Description: The Chocolate Makes You more Sweet & Deep.

Choco Smoky Lip Color
Description: A true-color rouge gloss that adds a deep, luscious shade to your lips without feeling sticky.

I purchased this Lip Gloss in color no.1 Milky Beige Choco. You can get 2 other colors as well: Milky Coral Choco and Milky Baby Pink Choco.
The Lip Gloss comes in a translucent bottle and contains 4.5g. The lid is a deep dark brown and has a soft sponge applicator. 
The lip color is a medium beige & pink with almost no shimmer. It looks neither too shiny nor too matte. The coverage is quite good without being sticky and smells so yummy. 
It really smells like Chocolate!!

Choco Smoky Volume Mascara:
Description: A volumizing mascara in 2 chocolate colors that coats each and every lash for optimal volume.

I got the Mascara in no.1 Choco Black which is a dark black-brown
It's also available in Choco Brown.
The bottle is dark brown and contains 7.5g. The brush is a bit curved.
The consistency is thick and looks rather dry. It's good coz it doesn't smudge when I apply it to my lashes and dries faster. It doesn't have that great chocolate scent as the lip gloss, though.
The result of the Mascara is okay. My lashes are longer and separated. 
Even so nothing special to me.

Price (each): around 10,- €/ US$12 
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)  

What I love: 
The scent of chocolate! 

What I don’t like:  
There is nothing I don't like. 

Will I buy this again? Maybe the Lip Color in one of the other shades.

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