Monday, December 19, 2011

[Holika Holika] MEDI-MEDI Magnesium Pack *Pore Cleaning*

I own a few Face Masks and most of them are for pore care or trouble skin care. Two of the masks are from the MEDI-MEDI Pack line by [Holika Holika]. I found them super interesting and had to try them out (of course)!

There are 3 different types available:
- Acetyl Pack (AC Clearing wash-off mask)
- Magnesium Pack (Pore Cleaning wash-off mask)
- VitaC Pack (Skin Brightening wash-off mask)

I purchased Acetyl and Magnesium and start with the Review from the Magnesium Pack.
This one is good for those people with oily skin. It removes sebum and has a pore minimizing effect.

Description: Magnesium derived from volcanic ashes helps to make a clean and smooth pores by controlling excessive oil and sebum. It makes fresh and baby skin by containing Magnesium 1,000ppm.
Use it instead of clay masks because clay mask is able to clog pores. Clay does not have desinfection or soothing effect but Magnesium Pack has them.
The product comes in a white round container with a green lid. It's not a really big container but there are still 70ml inside.
When you twist off the lid there is another cover to protect the product from coming out.
The Magnesium Pack has a green/greyish color and a thick & creamy consistency. 
The scent is okay, too.
There is no spoon or spatula included, so I apply the pack with a Pack Brush to my face. Otherwise you have to use your fingers but make sure that they are clean.
With the brush I can apply the pack very easy. When it gets dry I wash it off with warm water. 
My face is brighter and smoother afterwards. It also looks cleaner. I like it!
How to use: After cleansing and toner, apply it to all over your face except the eye and lip area. About 10 ~15 minutes later, wash your face with lukewarm water clearly. 
*Use 1~2 times a week

Price: around 13,- €/ US$16
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)  

What I love:  
My face looks cleaner and feels softer after I washed the pack off.

What I don’t like:
There is nothing I don't like. Maybe just that there is no spoon/ spatula included.

Will I buy this again?
It will last for a long time but I would.

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