Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Holika Holika] Magic Palette Pastel Shadow *Pure Pastel*

When I went to South Korea in March 2011 I also visited a [Holika Holika] Store. ^^
I got this eyeshadow palette for free coz I spent more than 30.000KW.
I could choose between two colors:
- 01 Pure Pastel
- 02 Chic Smokey

I don't know why but I took the Pure Pastel one. The Chic Smokey one got a darker shade of pink, gold and brown I guess. I can't remember it really well..
The eyeshadows come in a light purple metal box. 
There are always 3 different eyeshadow colors inside:
The Pure Pastel one contains a light green, yellow and pink. They come in chalk form and you can use a brush, sponge applicator or just the chalks for applying the color to your eyes.
When you apply the color without a brush you will get a richer and more vibrant finish.
I applied the colors with a sponge applicator (pics above).
The result with just using the chalks (pic below). 

Price: I got it for free... But in Online Shops they sell it for around US$28
Bought at: [Holika Holika] Store @LOTTE WORLD, Seoul

What I love:
There is nothing I really love on this product!

What I don’t like:
There is nothing I really dislike! I'm just not used to chalk form eyeshadows..

Will I buy this again? Nope! I use it only coz it was for free.


  1. I want to buy this so much! But I don't know where to buy it online. I am in the USA. :(

    1. I purchased it during my stay in Korea. Hard to find it online! =(