Thursday, December 22, 2011

[baviphat] Magic girls PLUS BB CREAM *Fresh for Oily Skin*

When you buy BB Creams over eBay be careful from whom you buy. One time I bought BB Creams and a Primer from [baviphat] and Taiwan's [Shills] coz the price was so good but these were all FAKES!! The seller came from China and not Korea. I wouldn't know that these were fakes if I hadn't tried samples before. 
I purchased the Magic girls PLUS BB CREAM from [baviphat] and it looked and smelt different from the Korean one. I threw it in the bin!!
Anyway, I wanted to get this BB Cream again and purchased it from a Korean seller but I just took a small 8ml Trial Size which I wanna review now.

I chose #1 Fresh for Oily Skin. You can get it for Dry Skin, too.
This BB Cream is also available with another motive (woman with sun glasses). I don't know what's the difference between them, though.

Description: A triple-acting formula, this BB cream can be used as a makeup base and foundation while concealing blemishes for a flawless look. Select mattifying ingredients control sebum production to reduce shine and keep skin fresh. 
Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of BB cream and then evenly spread all over face. Apply powder or foundation on top of BB cream for a flawless finish.
The packaging is the same as from the Full Size: 
A brown tube with a sticker on it. For me it looks kinda cheap produced. 
This 8ml size has a twist off lid and you have to squeeze the BB Cream out. 
The Full Size got a flip-top lid and contains 45ml.
The color is rather a light beige without a greyish undertone and fits my skin tone well. The consistency is neither too thick nor too watery. I can spread it easily over my face and the coverage is light - medium. The scent is also ok. Nothing too strong!
I like this BB Cream but after 3~5 hours my skin still started to get oilier. 

Price (Full Size): around 13,- €/ US$15.50 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)  

What I love:    
The color fits my skin tone well.

What I don’t like:
The cheap looking design.

Will I buy this again? Maybe the Full Size!


  1. I loved the sample of this BB cream *-*
    I don't really know why I didn't bought full size yet.. he he

  2. @NKN: Same for me! I like this BB Cream but never buy the Full Size. xD Always buy other ones instead...

  3. I really love this bbCream. I just tried a full size right off the bat and I loved it. There don't seem to be a whole lot of bbCreams that are specifically for oily skin so I pounced on this one and glad I did although I am still going to try the holika holika clearing cream. I love the packaging of this one and I also have the matching purse hehehe. It's the only bbCream where I've went through an entire full sized bottle and had to buy another!

    1. Yeah, this BB Cream is nice. I got just a small trial size, though. Never bought the full size one. ><
      But I must say that I prefer other BB Creams for oily skin like the Oil-free BB Cream [THE FACE SHOP] or Baby Bloom Light BB Cream [Holika Holika].
      The Clearing BB Cream is also ok. It has a better coverage than some other ones. =)