Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Holika Holika] 3" seconds Starter *Hyaluronic Acid*

Since I get most of the time very dry skin after washing my face with a foam cleanser I needed to get this item: 3" seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid
The product says it will moisturize and firm my skin. That it has an anti-aging effect is also good for me.

Description: Hyaluronic Acid and Skin's Age! If a Hyaluronic Acid inside the skin is decreased by the aging process, your face will be able to lose the elasticity and get wrinkles because of drying your face.
If you feel dried skin textures and have wrinkles by aging, you will have to supply Hyaluronic Acid inside your skin for a younger face.

Another 3" seconds Starter with Collagen is available, too.
The product comes in a translucent bottle with contents of 150ml.
It has a white pump and a transparent lid.
The 3" seconds Starter has a clear watery, gel-like consistency and a fresh scent. 
It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. My skin feels less dry!!
Unfortunately the effect doesn't last long. After the product got completely absorbed, my skin starts to get dry again..
How to use: After washing your face apply the product a.s.a.p. Use 2-3 pumps, spread it over your face and pat lightly. Continue with a toner and/or serum, cream etc.

Price: around 15,- €/ US$19
Bought at: eBay (luckygoldstar)

What I love:
The refreshing feeling after applying + the quick absorbation.

What I don’t like:
That my skin gets dry again after the product got absorbed by my skin.

Will I buy this again? I'm not sure yet! Have to finish this bottle first to decide it.


  1. Hello!

    I'm your first follower! I write from Spain.
    I love Asian cosmetics ^_^
    Good luck with the blog.


  2. @Manoli: Thank you! I'm happy that you follow me.
    I will try to post more reviews in the future. ^^

  3. Hello from Spain!

    I've a question about this product. After apply the product, is it necessary to apply a facial tonic after de 3`` and before the moisturising cream/bb cream?

  4. Hi! I don't think it's necessary. It should be fine when you just use a emulsion or cream afterwards. I'm still using a toner, though! =)

  5. how can i purchase.coz i can't find any outlet in my area. hope u can help me :))